How To Browse The Web For Free With Open VPN

Really Hot!Browse The Web For Free Now!

The question “How to browse the internet for free” seems to be the most frequent search term used by most of Nigerians if not everybody.
But today,I‘ve got good news for you!
Today,with this trick,you can start surfing the web for free.

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In this tutorial,I am going to teach you how to surf for free and also how to share your internet connection with your laptop.

How To Start Surfing The Web For Free

To start surfing for free,just follow the guidelines outlined below:

  • 1.First of all,you must need to download ‘Open VPN Connect’ from Google Play Store.
  • 2.You must still need to download another app called ‘EasyO VPN’ still from Google Play Store.

Surf The Web For Free

  • 3.Open EasyO VPN and select a country east of USA or closer
    because this will give you a
    stronger internet connection
    or faster speeds in the

Surf The Web For Free

  • 4.Now click on ‘Accept’. If prompted to accept the
    terms of use, mark the check
    box and proceed.

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  • In some cases it will connect
    automatically but if it does
    not connect, and it prompts
    you to connect, just tap on
    ‘connect’ to the internet.
  • Now you are connected to the
    free internet.Turn off WiFi
    and turn on the Mobile data.
  • 7. Now you have a free 3G
    internet legally without
    having to root our android

Now that you have a free 3G
internet connection on your
android phone,you can surf the
web for free.You can also
share this free internet
connection to your laptop or computer. As I promised
earliar,here is how to share
your android internet
connection with a computer or
laptop either by USB tehering
or WiFi hotspot.

Below are the details on how to share your free internet connection with your laptop:

Go to Settings> Wireless and Networks >Tethering and Portable
> Turn on the WiFi hotspot and
use your laptop which is WiFi enabled and connect to the
wireless network provided
by your android phone.
Alternatively, with a USB
cable connected to your
phone, tap the check box for USB Tethering.



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